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Don't Panic Whitepaper

In your investing lifetime, you will live through several periods of market volatility. These periods may cause you to second-guess your investment strategy or even consider a different approach to managing your money. Certainly, the level of volatility we’ve seen during the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic is rare.

Only Game In Town

Many Americans may not understand how to fully take advantage of their employer-sponsored retirement plans. We’ve created this special report to help you make the most of your savings and investment opportunities and help improve your prospects for a comfortable retirement.

5 Ways to Stay Confident in Retirement

Today’s retirees are living longer than ever before and experiencing retirement in new ways. While you can’t be certain what the future holds, you can strategize for the retirement life you want—and take these five steps to help you get there with confidence.

Take Charge of Your 401(k)

Highlights Include:
- Powerful information that could potentially save you thousands in taxes and fees
-Tips to help put you one step ahead in your retirement preparations
-Critical mistakes that cannot be corrected (and how to avoid them)

Retirement Questions For Educators

As an educator contemplating the transition from work to retirement, we understand that you may have several questions about when and how you can retire. This report addresses some common questions and offers strategies to help you plan for a comfortable retirement.

2022 Tax Planning Whitepaper

The countdown begins. Once the clock rolls us into 2022, tax season gets underway. The old calendar year, 2021, will have been put officially to rest. Deductions from your paychecks and other income sources will begin counting for the New Year.

Seven Principles of Long-Term Investing

A good time to start investing for retirement is when you’re a young adult, if you’re in your middle-aged years, it’s not too late. Although you may need to save three times more if you start at 45 than if you started investing at 25, your goal of building a healthy nest egg may be within reach.

Women & Investing

Women investors face many challenges to building wealth and securing their financial futures. We developed this resource as a guidebook for women who are seeking perspectives on how to take control of their financial lives. We hope you find useful information that helps you make the most of you financial well-being today and every day.

5 Retirement Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make

As a business owner, you face unique challenges and opportunities when building your financial future. This special report provides insights on mistakes to avoid and steps to take for building the retirement you desire—while managing your myriad responsibilities.

Guide to Unfinished Business

Losing a loved one is emotionally draining and often confusing. Perhaps this guide will give some clarity to the tasks necessary in this difficult time.

The Real Story of Successful Retirement

Discover how a single solution could address the five most important aspects of preparing financially for a better retirement.