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Planning Your Journey

Planning Your Journey<br/>

Planning Your Journey

There are many ways to approach the management of your financial life. Ideally, you’re taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal to get to where you want to go. Our world has changed – it’s more globally connected, which, in many ways, complicates financial decisions. No longer can we just decide on a strategic direction without anticipating alterations. Actively managing new and even not-so-new risks are essential to our well being. 

Many, if not most people, have an accountant who files their taxes, an insurance agent, and either a stockbroker or a self-directed discount brokerage account. While each of these professionals focuses on a narrow aspect of your financial situation, as a rule, only the financial planner takes on the responsibility of looking at the big picture over time. By doing so, he or she can help ensure your overall plan (1) is appropriate for risk tolerance and growth objectives; (2) is efficient for diversification, insurance coverage, and tax purposes; and (3) minimizes gaps that could leave your family or business under-prepared or under-protected.

A Disciplined<br/>Investment Process

A Disciplined
Investment Process

We can help you develop a personalized program tailored to your individual situation. 

This includes: 

  • Assessment of goals, objectives, and your risk tolerance
  • Creation of an Investment Policy Statement and ongoing review 
  • Asset allocation modeling and portfolio structuring 
  • Third-party investment firm analysis and selection
  • Ongoing risk management, attribution, and performance reporting. We work with you to develop appropriate, diversified asset allocation strategies to help minimize risk and maximize return. 

We also provide access to institutional money managers – the same institutional-quality investment oversight that billion-dollar funds receive. This helps you benefit from the wisdom of institutional managers, whose experience and expertise is not typically available to the average investor.

Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee positive results.  Loss, including loss of principal may result.

Avoiding Detours

Avoiding Detours

What would happen to your family, as well as to your financial objectives, if something unexpected were to happen to you or your spouse? Without proper protection, an unexpected disability or death may cause your financial plans to collapse. 

As we help you map out your financial program, we will help you review and select the most appropriate protection plans for your situation. We can help you analyze how much coverage you need and review the current policies you already have in place. 

Risk management involves an analysis of risks and weaknesses that threaten your financial plan, whether from inadequate liability coverage or insufficient life insurance. We identify those factors in your life and determine strategies that will help to protect your financial stability. We can help you analyze how much coverage you need and review the current policies you already have in place. 

Long-term care is a special category in risk management. As medical care and technology improve, the costs associated with long-term care continue to inflate at an astonishing rate. The potential impact of these costs can erode a hard-earned nest egg quickly. Because the potential for large medical expenses and the risk most people will face some need for long-term care, this is a situation that you’ll want to prepare for.


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