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The Only Game in Town...
And You Are in the Bleachers

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The hammer came down on March 23, 2020. Markets like the S&P 500 index dropped again following weeks of declines, coming to rest down 34.9% from mid-February. Many investors worried they might not get their money back this time. The Wall Street bells rang to the traditional beat...stay invested, you are well diversified! Perhaps remembering feelings of the debacle of 2008-2009, it is understandable that some people find it difficult to stay committed to an investment program when fear has a grip on the financial markets.  But, here is the rub! The stock market still appears to be the only game in town and that game has changed! Three major changes to the investing landscape have exerted jurisdiction over investments. These are control, complexity, and time.


Below is a link to the informative white paper Investing has changed...perhaps forever. Just click to view or download securely. This white paper is based on research of emotions, decision strategies, and how to create a solid foundation supporting your is time for your game now.